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Visa excludes U.S. merchants to spur secure card adoption – Computerworld

Visa has excluded U.S. businesses from a worldwide program that encourages merchants to deploy more secure payment terminals, because of what it claims is the uncertainty surrounding new debit card rules.

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Amazon Web Services achieves Level 1 PCI compliance

Amazon Web Services LLC AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon.com recently announced it has achieved Level 1 compliance with the Payment Card Industry PCI Data Security Standard DSS. Merchants and other service providers can now run their applications on AWS PCI-compliant technology infrastructure to store, process and transmit credit card information in the cloud. Customers can use AWS cloud infrastructure

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PCI Guidance and Emerging Tech

Bob Russo, GM of the PCI Security Standards Council, says simply that PCI security standards are maturing “gracefully.”

In fact, Russo says the global payments community is pleased with the standards, which is why the council decided to make no significant changes this time around. The PCI Data Security Standard and the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard have not changed significantly this year. But what the industry can expect in 2011 are clarifications and some new guidance regarding emerging technologies.

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Things To Look Out For In New #PCI Version 2.0 – DarkReading

PCI is further redefining what a hardware terminal is: It’s supposed to take payments outside of the PCI card data environment so you don’t have to do any monitoring of them,” he says. “But we’ve seen outbreaks of tampering [of devices] to capture cardholder data … they are changing the definition, which could bring a lot of intelligent terminals collecting payments brought into [PCI]

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An SMB Guide to Credit Card Regulations #PCI

This article is the first in a short series designed to help small businesses understand the regulations around securing credit card transactions, specifically the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard) requirements.

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PCI Compliance Should Be a ‘LifeStyle’

Merchants are most likely to remain compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and avoid data breaches if they adopt security as a “lifestyle,” according to a study released earlier this week by Verizon Business. Verizon Business provides audits and other PCI-related services.

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Will #PCI Outsourcing Kill Conversion Rates?

Small business ecommerce site owners cannot afford to slack off when it comes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Its strict security requirements make being PCI compliant challenging for small retailers, but PCI DSS is a standard that all organizations must follow when storing, processing and transmitting its customer’s credit card data.

One of the easiest ways to be PCI-compliant is to outsource payment processing and work with a payment provider who has the experience, systems and security in place that meets the PCI DSS standard. By outsourcing PCI compliance you basically remove the PCI burden from your small business to a trusted provider.

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