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Google Apps receives ISO 27001 security certification – CSO Online – Security and Risk

Google has announced that its Google Apps for Business has earned the international security standard ISO 27001 certification following a nine-month auditing process.

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PCI for Corporate Franchise Servicer

Last week, Visa officially brought corporate franchisors into the world of Level 1 merchant service providers by requiring them to register as Third-Party Agents, with all that that implies. At one level, the increased visibility, attention to PCI compliance and stricter validation regime should reduce data breaches at unsecure franchise locations.

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CXOtoday.com > IT-GRC Solution on Cloud

There is built in framework support for RBI Compliance, NSE, BSE, MCDEX, PCI, ISO, COBiT, SOX, BASEL II, HIPAA, FISMA, and other country specific frameworks which are ready to use. SecureGRC has a not-so-far-seen value-add in terms of integrating, synergizing and transforming information from various sources into alert raising actionable solutions, helping in identifying the source of the attempted attack through pattern and correlation analysis, and plugging the loop hole before it takes major dimensions.

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When It Comes To #PCI Compliance, Franchisors Are Screwed

When it comes to franchise-based retailers, PCI Compliance is broken, plain and simple. It simply does not address the complexities of the franchisee/franchisor business model and, in the end, leaves the franchisor holding the bag. Because each franchisee is a separate merchant, most large franchise organizations are only required to meet PCI Level 4 requirements. Chains are forced to make tough decisions about how much risk they are willing to accept and what they are willing (or not willing) to do to protect their brand integrity.

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