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Beware Smartphone Lurkers: Cloud Storage File Remnants

The researchers said they’d expected to find “that smartphone devices will retain data from these storage services,” but didn’t know to what extent any leftover “artifacts” might include recoverable information. So they studied three popular cloud storage service apps running on the iPhone and on an HTC Desire running the Android operating system.

Here’s what they found: “Using mobile forensic toolkits, data can be recovered from a smartphone device which has accessed a cloud storage service,” they said. “The results from the experiment have shown that it is possible to recover files from the Dropbox, Box and SugarSync services using smartphone devices.” In addition, artifacts left by those services’ mobile apps in some cases allowed the researchers to gain a “proxy view” of files not stored on the device, but stored by the cloud service.

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Cloud security registry slow to catch on

Last August the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas a registry that it hoped would serve as a place for prospective cloud users to go to easily inspect and compare cloud vendors’ security controls. But to date, only three companies have submitted their cloud security data, making the registry of limited use

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