Why Are You More Afraid Of A QSA Than A Cyberthief?

Let me give some real-life examples of what I mean.

* A merchant shows its QSA its Web application firewall (WAF) and asks the QSA to mark it compliant with PCI Requirement 6.6. But the QSA probes deeper, and he finds that the WAF is in “learning” mode, which means it is letting everything through. Indeed, the WAF has been in learning mode since it was installed after the last assessment a year ago, meaning it is pretty useless from a security point of view and definitely not meeting the intent of the requirement.

* You developed a set of security policies as part of your last assessment. Your QSA comes around the next year and asks to see them, but no one can even find a copy to give her. Clearly the policies–designed to protect you and your assets–haven’t been implemented—or maybe even read.

* You install an extensive and expensive logging system, but you only monitor and evaluate event reports when the QSA is on site.

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