Call centres ‘failing on credit card security’

24 April 2009 04:20:00

Survey finds many companies are not complying with PCI standards.

Many UK call centres could be putting customers at risk of credit card fraud because of a failure to adhere to payment card industry (PCI) standards, according to new research.

Technology firm Sabio surveyed a number of call centre operators and found that more than half were either non-PCI compliant or were unsure if they met the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

DSS was created by the industry to help tackle debit and credit card fraud by ensuring that organisations which handle card data do so correctly.

Adam Faulkner, Sabio director, explained that the problem of ‘cardholder not present’ fraud is a “key challenge for payment card providers and their merchants”.

He added: “As an industry, however, the contact centre sector still has a lot of work to do in helping organisations to meet their PCI compliance obligations.”

According to the UK payments organisation Apacs, cardholder not present fraud was one of the main growth areas for card fraud in 2008.

via Call centres ‘failing on credit card security’.