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IGT Awarded The First PCI DSS 1.2 Certification


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IGT, a pioneer and global leader in travel technologies and services received the coveted PCI DSS 1.2 certification from leading PCI DSS QSAC, ControlCase. IGT is the first Travel BPO Organization to become PCI DSS 1.2 compliant. It has successfully met the newest version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance requirements. ControlCase conducted a meticulous audit process of IGT’s security measures used in protecting e-commerce customers and their data involving travel transactions.

ControlCase awarded IGT with the PCI DSS 1.2 compliance rating after IGT met the 259 Requirements (grouped into 12 broad categories) that make up the control objectives. Data security continues to be a concern for customers making payments over the internet. IGT supports millions of travel transactions annually and enables consumers to make travel purchases in a highly secure manner both online and remotely. The PCI DSS 1.2 certification demonstrates IGT’s continued commitment to the protection and security of our B2C and B2B customer’s account data throughout the transaction process.

Vipul Doshi, CEO, IGT, stated “Our clients rely heavily on credit cards with more than 2/3rds of travel transactions occurring over the internet, it’s imperative that we maintain the highest standard of information security. Receiving the PCI DSS 1.2 further demonstrates our commitment to protecting our client’s and their customers.”

Internet security and personal information continues to be a top priority and concern of individuals transacting over the world wide web. Credit card companies impose hefty fines on companies not meeting PCI compliance requirements. Some reports indicate nearly one trillion dollars per year is spent on travel, and more than 2/3rds of those sales occur with credit cards. That coupled with the travel industry racking up more sales on the internet than any other industry and you have a recipe for serious credit card fraud, the very reason PCI DSS was implemented.

Mohit Magon, Vice President – Business Excellence stated “Achievement of PCI DSS 1.2 compliance reinforces our continuous commitment to the highest level of security standards. As an organization our people are committed to achieve excellence in whatever we do. Our proactive approach to comply with PCI DSS 1.2 standard is a testimony to our responsiveness towards the ever changing business environment and customer needs.”

IGT is the first Travel BPO company to achieve the recently updated version of the PCI DSS. Suresh Dadlani, COO, ControlCase stated “We are pleased to have worked closely with IGT on PCI DSS 1.2 certification. The compliances to the requirements of the standard are quite technically intensive and do not provide any scope for compromises. The achievement of PCI DSS 1.2 Certification in a short period of time was only possible due to the commitment at all levels and the technical competencies demonstrated by the team.”

IGT remains committed to meeting the highest security standards applicable in the information technology industry. With more than 1/3rd of the world’s travel transactions relying on IGT, its good to know your data is protected with IGT.

About IGT

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) provides services and solutions to corporations worldwide in the areas of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology (IT). IGT’s gamut of offerings spread across the entire technology spectrum. With some 2000 global employees operating in facilities located in India, North America and Europe, InterGlobe was ranked by The Great Place To Work Institute as the best travel company of India. In 2008, Deloitte and Touche recognized IGT as one of the fastest growing companies in India and The Black Book of Outsourcing ranked IGT as one of the top 5 Travel BPO companies in the world. www.igt.in


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a world-wide benchmark mandated by credit card companies for the protection of card holder’s identity and transaction information. It prevents credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats. The standard was developed by major card brands including American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, Master Card Worldwide and Visa International.

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